Mixer, Schottky, barrier, and detector Diodes available from:
SHF Microwave Parts Company
7102 W. 500 S.
La Porte, Indiana, 46350, USA
Fax +1-219-785-4552

For more information send e-mail to arutz@shfmicro.com

Replacement Varactor Diodes

We offer a Varactor tuning diode for X-band and another for K-band. These are always very expensive, but this is the best prices we can find on these new devices. Either unit costs $US35 each. Please specify which style you want. Sorry! We will try and post PDF files for these very tiny diodes soon.

Replacement Gunn Diodes

We offer replacement gunn diodes in the 30 (top-hat) package shown

24 ghz at 5 milliwatts output costs $US30 each, MDT MG-1054-11, or similar
please click here to download a data-sheet.

Here are a few sheets of pertinent Gunn diode data for experimenters that applies to most Gunn diodes..... Page 1 of 3   Page 2 of 3   Page 3 of 3

Detector and/or mixer diodes

I no longer have any Schottky diodes to sell. If I can locate more to sell, this message will disappear -- Sorry!

We offer decent schottky barrier diodes in the familiar top-hat or 119 (almost like the 30 package) package. (picture on the left) The price is $US15 each.. These units are designed for low-drive (-6 dbm) low-barrier, are good at least to 24 ghz. They will replace the detector diodes in either of our M/A-Com Gunn sources, found on the gunn page. Ask for coaxial diodes

We also offer new 1N34A diodes in the glass/wire package shown at right. $0.50 each

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