Dialectric-resonant Oscillators available from:
SHF Microwave Parts Company
7102 W. 500 S.
La Porte, Indiana, 46350, USA

For more information send e-mail to arutz@shfmicro.com
To get these parts from us, just send us e-mail telling us what you want. We ship small quantities anywhere, and we keep shipping costs low.

I am no longer able to get the X or K band Gunn sources, but I can now offer a good X-band replacement device in this DRO shown here. This unit contains a transistor oscillator running at 10.525 ghz, and its frequency is stabilized by the use of a Barium-titatenate "puck", which holds the frequency about 10 times closer than was possible with the older Gunn-diode sources.

10 ghz Dielectric-resonant Oscillator

Back1.jpg - 779350 Bytes Front1.jpg - 221065 Bytes These DRO modules contain 2 transmit and 2 receive patch antennas printed on the pc board and visible in one of the photos. Normally, these devices are used for detecting the presence of a moving objects, but Amateur Radio Operators also use these devices to send and receive X-band signals up to 20 miles distant. These units tune from 10.400 ghz to 10.700 ghz with a small allen-wrench screw, and with modification, these units can be pulled as low as 10.300 ghz. These units produce about 8 to 10 mw of RF, and can be modified to use SMA pcb connectors instead of the transmit or receive antennas. These units measure 1.58" (40mm) long, 1.84" (47mm) wide, and 0.34" (8.5mm) thick.

These units weigh 2/10 of one ounce (about 5 grams) and are powered by +5 vdc. They can be modulated by varying the source current, and they offer a receive sensitivity of -110 dbm, using 70 Mhz as an I.F. frequency. Each unit costs $US15. Please e-mail with questions to arutz@shfmicro.com

Do you need a coaxial connector output or input? Here is a couple of photos of experiments made in the past, showing how to cut the pc board and add an SMA coaxial connector. This was effective and did produce 10 mw of RF output, so it matched the RF OK. I am also showing an SMA connector that I keep in stock if you want to order them from me... $6 each for the SMA connectors.

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